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The 1-Stop Bullet Shop

Hearts & Tears is the place to buy or sell a Royal Enfield; the 1-stop shop for everything you need. Our base in beautiful Pokhara is the perfect place to start your Royal Enfield adventure across Nepal and India. We’re right in the centre of a vibrant Bullet scene where you can hang out with other enthusiasts. If you’re in the market for a bike, we’ll introduce you to private owners with Bullets for sale.

We always have a good selection of bikes on offer. All-inclusive deals set you up with a great Bullet, exceptional training, and all the equipment you need for life on the road. Our online service has bikes for sale at hundreds of locations across India and Nepal.

If you’re selling a Royal Enfield, there’s no better place to get it seen. You can display it in our shop and advertise it online for free. If you’re leaving Nepal, we can sell it for you and send you the money.

Our knowledge and experience make life easy. We’ve turned motorcycle dreams into reality for hundreds of happy riders on life changing journeys. Read what they think about our bikes and services. There’s also plenty of useful information and advice for anyone thinking of buying a Royal Enfield; tips to help you find the ideal bike, enjoy your experience more, and decide what to do with it at the end of your trip.

Search for a Royal Enfield online

Looking for a Royal Enfield? You’ve come to the right place! Choose from Indian-registered and Nepali-registered bikes on sale at hundreds of locations across India & Nepal. Browse through the adverts, read more about bikes that catch your eye, and contact the owner directly. It’s so simple!

Sell your bike online

Advertise your Royal Enfield online for a month. Get your bike noticed by people looking to buy now. It’s the quickest, easiest way to sell a Bullet – and it’s free! Simply enter your personal details, tell us about your bike, upload a photo, and write your text. It only takes a few minutes, and buyers will be able to contact you directly from your advert.

Buy a Bullet and ride away

You might make a trip like this only once in your life, but the memories and photos will last forever. We can help you do it right. Our reputation is built on quality bikes, outstanding service and honest advice. Our all-inclusive Royal Enfield deals are perfect for first time buyers. You can ride away today on a great Indian-registered bike that’s been checked & serviced, kitted out with luggage racks, and stocked with tools and spare parts. Our Level 2 and mechanics lessons only take a day each; you’ll have confidence through the turns, and peace of mind in remote areas. The total price is usually around €1000; please contact us for details of individual bikes.

Meet riders with bikes for sale

You will find a selection of privately owned bikes on sale at our shop. We’ll introduce you to the owners, and help answer any questions you may have. You can take a test ride, and strike a deal directly with the owner. There are no hidden commissions, and you can be confident that we have checked the bike for quality and value for money. Contact us for the latest offers, or ask for us at the Busy Bee Cafe in the evening.

Sell your bike in our shop

There’s no better place to sell your Royal Enfield. It’s really easy. We check your bike is in good condition and at a fair price. You leave it on display in our showroom. People can read the information hanging on the handlebars, and we’ll answer any questions they may have. We’ll introduce you to potential buyers. You can arrange a test ride, and strike a deal with them directly. We don’t take any commission for this service, but a cold beer is always appreciated!

Our sales agent service

Selling a Royal Enfield at the end of your trip? Want to enjoy your bike right up until you leave? Perhaps you’re leaving in a hurry, but don’t want to sell your bike too cheaply? Or does selling your bike just seem like a lot of hassle? Our sales agent service could be the perfect solution. Tell us your price range, and for just €60 we’ll:

  • display and maintain your bike at our shop
  • advertise your bike online
  • organise test rides
  • negotiate the best price on your behalf
  • send your money to a bank or PayPal account

Riders' comments

We turn motorcycle dreams into reality, and prepare people for life-changing adventures. Find out why riders love our bikes and riding lessons, and why we have become famous for our service and support. Read the incredible stories of:

  • a couple who got sick of travelling on buses, bought a Bullet and rode into the mountains of northern India
  • a travel writer who bought a Royal Enfield and rode across 3 countries to Bangladesh
  • two guys who learned to ride, bought a pair of bikes, and headed into the mountains of Ladakh
  • a Dutch woman who sold her bike in our shop after a thrilling solo ride around India and Nepal

Useful information for buyers

We offer a wide range of information and opinions to anyone considering buying a Bullet. There are useful tips to help you find the right bike, enjoy the experience of ownership, and decide what to do at the end of your trip. Find out why:

  • it’s essential to understand the differences between Nepali and Indian registered bikes
  • there are compelling reasons to start your India adventure in Nepal
  • you should check out the owner and their mechanic before buying a bike
  • the last thing you should do on a test ride is go for a ride
  • a few simple tips will help you strike a better deal, and maximise the return on your investment
  • shipping your Bullet home can be legally and technically difficult, and may not be a good idea anyway!


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